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The PHP Company, Zend has been establishing standard in PHP certification that recognizes PHP expertise. The PHP Certification Exam encompasses curriculum criteria specified by the Zend PHP Education Advisory Board as essential to demonstrate expert proficiency in PHP. Zend has chosen Logic, the leader in training, to ensure delivery of PHP certification exams in Cochin. Logic provides training with a aim to achieve the professional status in this software engineering.

Benefits of Becoming a Zend Certified Engineer

In today’s competitive market, it’s more difficult than ever to stand out from the competition. The Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE) credential offers a variety of benefits:

Career Rewards

  • Differentiate yourself from competitors when looking for a new job or at your annual salary review
  • Get your resume noticed
  • Gain recognition from your employer
  • Have your profile displayed in Zend’s Yellow Pages for PHP Professionals

Exclusive Rewards at Zend

1.Receive discounts on Zend products and PHP conferences worldwide

2.Preview emerging Zend products



PHP Basics

Syntax, Operators ,Variables ,Constants,Control Structures ,Language Constructs and Functions


Syntax,Arguments ,Variables ,References ,Returns,Variable Scope


Enumerated Arrays ,Associative Arrays,Array Iteration ,Multi-Dimensional Arrays ,Array Functions ,SPL

Object Oriented Programming

Instantiation ,Modifiers/Inheritance,Interfaces ,Exceptions ,Static Methods & Properties,Autoload ,Reflection,Type Hinting ,Class Constants


Configuration,Session Security ,Cross-Site Scripting,Cross-Site Request Forgeries,SQL Injection ,Remote Code Injection ,Email Injection ,Filter Input ,Escape Output

XML and Web Services

XML Basics ,SimpleXML ,XML Extension ,Xpath ,Webservices Basics,SOAP, REST

Strings and Patterns

Quoting ,Matching ,Extracting,Searching ,Replacing,Formatting ,PCRE

Databases and SQL

SQL,Joins,Analyzing Queries ,Prepared Statements,Transactions

Web Features

Sessions,Forms ,GET and POST data,Cookies ,HTTP Headers

Streams and Network Programming

Files,Reading,Writing ,File System Functions, Streams

PHP 4/5 Differences

Object Orientation,E_STRICT ,References vs. Object Handles

Design and Theory

IDesign Patterns,Code Reuse,OOP Theory

Other subjects

  1. Server Side Web Scripting.
  2. PHP and JavaScript.
  3. Object Oriented Programming with PHP.
  4. Working with Forms in PHP.
  5. Passing Information between Pages.
  6. Persistent Data using Sessions and Cookies.
  7. Designing and Implementing Databases with MySQL.
  8. Developing Database Applications with PHP.
  9. Developing e-mail Applications with PHP.
  10. Security and Configuration
  11. PHP and XML
  12. Web Service Applications with PHP
  13. Ajax
  14. PHP in IIS
  15. PHP in Apache Server using Linux
  16. Introduction to Joomla ( Content Management System)
  17. Introduction to Zend Framework.