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Module 1

Language Learning (Java)

Module 2

Android OS

  1. Introducing Android Development Framework
  2. Development Environment Setup
  3. Android Virtual Device and SDK Manager
  4. Dalvik Virtual Machine
  5. Types Of Android Applications
  6. Introducing Android Basic Building Blocks
  7. Android Application structure
  8. Introduction to DDMS,Android Manifest file,Logcat

Module 3

  1. Basic UI Design using Built in Controls
  2. Android Components for Communication
  3. Deploying Android application to real device
  4. Dialog Boxes in and in Android
  5. Android Menus
  6. Customization of UI Controls
  7. Broadcast Recievers
  8. Services and Content Providers
  9. Android Storage Medias
  10. Accessing phone Services
  11. Notifications in Android


  1. Accessing Sensors
  2. Wifi and Bluetooth
  3. Accessing Media and Camera
  4. Location Based Services
  5. Introduction to web Applications in Android
  6. JSON Parsing
  7. Building a Live Android Application(Project)

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